Data byline: “Should it brie in the bin?” – The Guardian

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I put together the Fusion Table map that comes at the bottom of this article. It’s a fascinating topic with great research from Mona Chalabi so very pleased to have been able to contribute.


Data byline: “Are Conservative MPs a load of posh boys?” – The Guardian

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Yes…and how…

Maybe they need a visit to the thought camp to help them get back on track.

Seriously though this was quite interesting as I was sticking quite closely to the findings of an academic paper so I had to pick out the data that was most chart-a-ble from that. I had a few people tell me that Francis Maude was an Old-Etonian. He was not, he actually went to school in Cambridge – private one, mind.

Data byline: “Who works the most hours MPs or teachers?” – The Guardian

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Probably the data byline I am happiest with so far – it was pretty fun to come out with an opposite conclusion to what I expected coming into it. I was sure it would upset some teachers but I was pretty careful with my numbers and, I think, fair to both MPs and teachers in how I analysed it. A few people criticised me in the comments for not including the amount of hours that teachers work during the holiday compared to MPs. But just to re-emphasise what I said in the article:

It was not clear in the Hansard Society research how much MPs were working during the recess but a similar survey in 1983 by SSRB found that MPs were doing a 42 hour week compared to the 69 hours they were doing while Westminster was sitting. It is also unclear how much teachers are working during their 13-week break.

Data byline: “How does the London Marathon compare to other races worldwide” – The Guardian

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I wrote some of this and also put together the basis for the Tableau visualisation at the bottom.

What I found quite interesting was how the larger marathons seemed to spread by continent. They were being founded in the US sporadically for the first half of the twentieth century and then suddenly there was a rush in the late 70s and early 80s in Europe. A similar thing happened later on for Asia.

The sample size is not that big because obviously there are not that many marathons with over 10,000 people running but it’s still quite a nice thing to watch on the map. I could get a Tableau animation in worksheet view but not in dashboard view. Anybody else have this problem?