Data byline: “Are Conservative MPs a load of posh boys?” – The Guardian

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Yes…and how…

Maybe they need a visit to the thought camp to help them get back on track.

Seriously though this was quite interesting as I was sticking quite closely to the findings of an academic paper so I had to pick out the data that was most chart-a-ble from that. I had a few people tell me that Francis Maude was an Old-Etonian. He was not, he actually went to school in Cambridge – private one, mind.


Data byline: “Who works the most hours MPs or teachers?” – The Guardian

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Probably the data byline I am happiest with so far – it was pretty fun to come out with an opposite conclusion to what I expected coming into it. I was sure it would upset some teachers but I was pretty careful with my numbers and, I think, fair to both MPs and teachers in how I analysed it. A few people criticised me in the comments for not including the amount of hours that teachers work during the holiday compared to MPs. But just to re-emphasise what I said in the article:

It was not clear in the Hansard Society research how much MPs were working during the recess but a similar survey in 1983 by SSRB found that MPs were doing a 42 hour week compared to the 69 hours they were doing while Westminster was sitting. It is also unclear how much teachers are working during their 13-week break.